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Date 6 November 2018, category News

IMG_1890Dharma Bhakti Astra Foundation (YDBA), the foundation which focuses on the development and development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), is targeting Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya students (TI-UB) to be appointed as YDBA Care Agents (Youth Empowerment).

The Youth Empowerment will be tasked to oversee the stages of the leading sector (SekUng) to run according to the targets set.

The Open Recruitment of Youth Empowerment held on Friday, October 26, 2018, in the Auditorium of the TI-UB Building was started with a Public Lecture on Community Empowerment by the Head of the Human Capital Department YDBA Rahmat Handoyo.

“YDBA was founded by Oom Willam (William Soerjadjaja – one of the founders of PT. Astra Internasional) because Astra’s philosophy is like a shady tree, when it is prosperous and successful is not only Astra but starting from the value chain, vendors, and the surrounding community also feel,” said Rahmat when giving guest lectures.

Therefore, YDBA was established with a mission to help improve the technical, management, marketing, financing, and information technology skills of MSMEs.

“Maybe for students, MSMEs in terms of language sounds less elite. But actually, if it is connected, many millennial children want to start a startup which is actually in line and similar to MSMEs,” he explained.

So, continued Rahmat, if you want to learn to start a startup, it’s good to see how the activities of MSMEs are around us. This is a learning opportunity to see clearly how life becomes an entrepreneur.

After the guest lecture, the activity continued with a brief explanation of YDBA’s internship program by Titik Saryati and sharing session on community empowerment in the area by Rama Pradipta Kurniawan.

The recruitment process is through the stages of Test Story, Interview, and Focus Group Discussion with case studies taken directly from one of the YDBA-assisted MSME partners. If accepted, the YDBA Astra internship program lasts for one year.

Apprentices will learn a lot about the leading sectors. Starting from YDBA’s values, the MSMEs coaching ecosystem, the leading sectors blueprint, the leading sectors business process, and the direct practice of Astra’s management system in the current School.

Head of the TI-UB Department, Oyong Novareza, ST., MT., Ph.D., said he was happy with the presence of the YDBA Team to the TI-UB campus. According to him, the arrival of the YDBA team will increase students’ insight, especially in the field of MSMEs.

“With this activity not only adds relations with the company but also new insights,” Oyong said in his remarks. (and)

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