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BKSTI (Cooperation Body of Organizers of Higher Education of Industrial Engineering) as a forum of cooperation among high-tech industry education organizers all over Indonesia, has regular agenda of regular meeting called Congress. BKSTI Congress is held every 3 years. This time it is hosted by the Department of Industrial Engineering (TI), Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB), East Java Regional Coordinator.

The Congress of BKSTI VIII will be held in conjunction with SATELIT (National Seminar on Integrated Scientific Industrial Engineering) which will be held in Amarta Hills Hotel, Batu City on 4 – 6 October 2017. Bring the theme of Industrial Engineering Role in Industrial Collaboration to Face Industry 4.0 Era, TI UB also facilitated engineering graduates to get certified professional engineers, Wednesday (4/Oct, 13:00 to 18:00).

This Congress begins with a symposium entitled Sarasehan Tiga Pilar Utama Teknik Industri Indonesia; BKSTI, Industrial Engineering Vocational Board – Indonesian Engineers Association (BKTI – PII), and Ikatan Sarjana Teknik Industri dan Manajemen Industri Indonesia (ISTMI) on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 19.00-22.45 WIB.

The workshop was opened directly by the Dean of FT-UB, Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT. In his speech he expressed his pride as host of this prestigious event, “Given the confidence as the host of the series of events and Congress of course it is a privilege considering TI FTUB is still a very young department. Hope this activity can contribute to the field of industrial engineering for our country,” he said.

Attending as speakers at the activity were Dr. Ir. Patdono Suwignjo, M.Eng.Sc, the Directorate General of Science and Technology & Higher Education, TM.A. Ari Samadhi, MSIE., Ph.D., the Chairman of BKSTI 2013-2017, Ir. Indracahya Kusumabrata IPU (BKTI – PII Chairman), and Ir. Faizal Safa, M.Sc., IPM., the Chairman of the Indonesian Industrial Engineering & Management Association (ISTMI) period of 2016 – 2019.

Dr. Patdono revealed that the focus of the higher education is the improvement of innovation. “Not only enhanced but also released, this is where the role of Industrial Engineering is needed, to help downstream innovations of the nation’s children!” he said.

The next morning this series of activities continued with national scientific discussion in the form of presentation of the latest research work related to industrial engineering science and relevant fields, namely National Seminar on Industrial Engineering (SNTI) and National Seminar on Integrated Industrial Engineering (SATELIT), Thursday, 5 October 2017.

Keynote speaker in this seminar is the Minister of Industry of Republic of Indonesia Ir. Airlangga Hartanto MBA MMT, Prof. Dr. Ir. Drajad Irianto, M.Eng. (Professor of ITB), and Ir. Ali Mundakir, Dipl.Eng., M.Eng, Operations Director of PT Pertamina Gheotermal Energy. The event was officially opened by the Chairman of the Committee of activities series, Nasir Widha Setyanto, ST MT., and marked by beating the gong by T.M.A. Ari Samadhi, PhD Chairman of BKSTI 2013 – 2017.

Also present to welcome the guest speaker of the seminar is UB Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir Moh Bisri MS. He directly welcomed those keynote speakers. “We greatly appreciate the presence of these three speakers, hopefully with the knowledge shared by these three competent speakers, the readiness of human resources (Academics, Business, and Government) Indonesia not only partially, but also can integrate to optimize local capability that can compete in international level,” he said.

This morning’s activities discuss and plan the strategic steps of high-tech industry education in dealing with the Industry 4.0 Era that has been taking place in the developed countries. With this collaboration, Congress VIII BKSTI – SNTI & SATELIT 2017 is expected to strengthen the synergy between the three stakeholders (Academics, Business, and Government) higher education of Industrial Engineering in Indonesia, improve the scientific reputation and researcher in the field of Industrial Engineering, and the utilization of the work and innovation in the field of industrial engineering in various aspects of life, so that will support the realization of the progress of the nation.

After SATELIT, the event continued with parallel sessions and BKSTI Congress to elect the next chairman. After the Congress, tonight will also be announced the elected Chairman and the election of the host for the next BKSTI IX and award for the TI practitioners and handover of BKSTI 2017-2020. (mic)

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