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Date 9 June 2014, category News

kultamTIWith the hope that this event will be good for the students because it can provide curriculum adjustments needed by the students, and provide field experience is not only a matter just because there needs to be a practice of direct, guest lecture “Implementation and Best Practice of Lean Enterprise in Sustainable Manufacturing “Department of Industrial Engineering by the Statistical Laboratory and Quality Engineering (SRK) in cooperation with PT Astra International, Jawa Pos Radar Malang, Indonesia Insniyur Association (PII), and UB TV, opened with a speech by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. UB Dr Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS,. He also expressed gratitude to Mr. I Made Agile Fund as Director of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, as agreed to attend the guest lecture of the day. Even Mr. Bisri also expressed hope some students will be accepted many industries that work in the Toyota Company.

Before starting the main event is a guest lecture by Mr. Made, moderated the event, Mrs. Lely Riawati, ST., MT describes his personal data ranging from the history of education, organizational experience, awards, and his positions as vice president of Toyota Asia Pacific, Chairman bond Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management, and Director of Toyota Motor Indonesia until now.

Mr. I Made Dana Agile opened the event by explaining initial brief history of Toyota which stems from one small village in Japan is Japanese kromo village. The automotive company started its business in 1925 and started from small businesses that empower the local community that has now become the industry Totoya forward and taken into account the world. To date, there are already companies Toyota in 26 countries (manufacturing), 170 distributors in 140 cities in the world and have gained profits reached 240 trillion.

To build and make the company grow and has become highly competitive, he explained that the need for internal improvements in the company continuously periodically because the business has a long-term goal, these improvements include a more competent HR repair. “No superman in a team work, there is a superteam” he added. Then a more effective production methods, setting good working standards, and also meets the timely service to consumers. By doing so, Indonesia next 5-10 years could have an important influence in world economic competition. (rndi)

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