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Date 10 October 2019, category News

Three students of  Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB) who joined the Pokayoke Team won awards as the Best Study Case Team in the 2019 Challenge On Product Design and Ergonomics (CHRONICS) competition organized by the Industrial Engineering Student Association University of Gadjah Mada (UGM).

The competition which took place on 19-22 September 2019 was attended by various universities from Indonesia and one university from Singapore. The competition who have been held for the 12th times took the theme of Groundbreaking Inventions to Survive Natural Disaster.

In the case study category, the team was given a problem that had to be given a solution within 2.5 hours. The solution is in the form of an innovative product concept in the form of 3D design and should be presented in English.

“The problem is we are asked to make what kind of products are useful for drivers when they are trapped in a flood and cannot escape escaping from vehicles,” said Pokayoke Team leader Ananda Putri.

From this case study, continued Nanda, the team finally conceptualized 2 products. The first is a small glass-breaking product with a vacuum concept. Then the second product is a bracelet that can function as a float.

“The first product is useful to break the windshield by pressing or plugged into the windshield. While bracelet products when pressed can release a buoy balloon, ” added team member Ivan Firsada.

But for the competition in the prototype category, the Pokayoke Team had to settle for fourth place. In this category, the team from the Work Design and Ergonomics Laboratory of TI-UB brought a bottled water product integrated with a flashlight, SOS signal, and mask.

Intan Denovita, another team member, was pleased to be able to compete with prestigious universities in ASEAN. According to Intan, the competition committee has worked well, professionally and friendly.

“This competition is among the most awaited competitions among students, especially those focusing on the field of product design and ergonomics. So the competition feels so tight and lively in every event,” she said. (and)

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