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Date 3 December 2018, category News

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UB Industrial Engineering (TI-UB) Lecturer, L. Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma, ST., MT., won the Best Presenter Award at the 11th International Seminar on Industrial Engineering & Management (11th ISIEM) held in Makassar, 27 -29 November 2018.

The lecturer who is pursuing doctoral education at National Central University (NCU) in Taiwan presented his research entitled Advanced ERP Application for Marine Transportation Industry in The South Asia Pacific Country: A Case Study.

In his presentation, Tri conveyed the vital role of the marine transportation industry. The need for the effective and efficient inter-regional connectivity within the marine transportation framework will be a common agenda. The research itself takes place in the Asia Pacific region.

With 14 member countries, economic development in this region reaches 5.3%, higher than the world average which is in the range of 3.2%. This is supported because the situation is still relatively conducive compared to other regions.

“Nearly 70% of world trade takes place in Asia Pacific countries. We are trying to develop an IT Support System to support operational services for 3-state sea transportation, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the United States,” Tri said.

This study compares the development of marine transportation systems in 3 countries such as the United States because it is the first country to implement sea highway.

While Malaysia and Indonesia because it is the Asia Pacific region where the geographical conditions tend to be similar.


Meanwhile, the IT Support System is realized in the form of an application that can be downloaded through the Google Play Store. The application will integrate all administration processes in the marine highway program.

“Now it can be downloaded in the play store. But it’s still a prototype,” explained the lecturer who was the Head of the Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering (SRK).

So, Tri continued, later external users can access to upload the entire administration process of shipping goods either permits to port authorities, the government (tax and Transportation Agency), shipping companies, and ship operators (to update ship positions and container links with google maps).

“So everything is finished in just one application on the mobile phone. No need to process anything offline,” he added.

Regarding the Best Presenter award he won at the 11th ISIEM conference Tri admitted that he was rather shocked. This TI-UB alumni lecturer feels that he still needs a lot of learning. Tri thanked for the support of the supervisors, reviewers, and committee.

“Alhamdulillah, the reviewers really appreciated the idea and the implementation was very up to date. Hopefully, our efforts will bring benefits and contributions to the people,” he concluded. (and)

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