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Date 22 September 2018, category News

Konsultasi-Desain-dan-Logo-Inovasi-ProdukSix lecturers from Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB) and a team of students who are members of the IbM (Science and Technology for the Community) community service team developed an innovative tool for grilling processed food to improve product quality.

“Our partners who have a grilling-based culinary business and plan to open a new branch said that they need innovative grilling tools so that they can produce things faster,” said one member of the community service team, Endra Yuafanedi Arfifianto, ST., MT.

Besides Endra, the community service team consisted of Amanda Nur Cahyawati, ST., MT., Sugiono, ST., MT., Ph.D., Arif Rahman, ST., MT., Wifqi Azlia, ST., MT., and Astuteryanti Tri Lustyana, ST., MT.

Endra recounted, to design this tool the team involved 20 SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Malang City who had a grilling-based culinary business. The products they sell are grilled rice, grilled sausages, grilled chicken, grilled fish, smoked fish, and toast.

“Some of the obstacles that they feel when they are in production are the low capacity of the equipment, the less practical, not environmentally friendly, and the limited number of production units,” said the lecturer who is also an entrepreneurial practitioner.

To facilitate this, the team held a group discussion forum with business people held in the 5th-floor meeting room of the TI-UB building, Saturday, August 25, 2018.FGD-Manajemen-Inovasi

Based on the voice of the customer and guided by the needs of partners and the principles of industrial design, the team finally produced 2 alternative designs for business people.

“The only difference is that there is a cover for dishes that are cooked and can be used as needed, the other one is not,” he explained

Endra hopes, this tool can provide a solution for grilling of food products that are environmentally friendly, portable, can use gas or charcoal, and produce a lot at a time.

Diskusi-Desain-Rancang-Alat-Pembakaran“The cost required to produce one grilling tool is also quite affordable, still in the range of 3 million rupiahs,” he added.

Not only in the product design, but on this occasion the team also provided business system innovation training to SMEs through product diversification and logo design.

For example, the product diversification that has been produced is the addition of flavor variants and the composition of ingredients from partner products. The logo is a business identity and is a means of business branding. So that the logo is needed for the continuity and development of business systems.

“This training is very interesting and needs to be sustainable because the SMEs are really in need of assistance both in terms of knowledge and financing,” said Yuyun, Segobong culinary business owner, one of the trainees. (and/mic)

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