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Date 20 July 2017, category News


The assistant of Industrial Management Studio (IMS) Laboratory of Department of Industrial Engineering (TI) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) changed stewardship. The handover procession took place on Monday, July 17, 2017, at the 5th floor, Accreditation Room of Industrial Engineering Lecture Building.

Head of IMS Laboratory, Agustina Eunike, ST MT MBA said that this event also held to introduces new laboratory assistant period 2017/2018 to all Head of Laboratory within the Department of Industrial Engineering.

Considering that practicum activities in the IMS laboratory involve not only one laboratory, but more to an integrated practice.

“Hope we can always synergize, because our activities do not only take place in one lab,” she said.

Lecturer who is familiarly called Mrs. Ike added, this event also held to show gratitude and congratulate the graduation of all previous laboratory assistants.

“Coincidentally all previous period laboratory assistants have all graduate at the same time. Congratulations, may God bless them and of course we will always pray for their success,” she added.


In the introduction procession, Coordinator Assistant Laboratory Period 2016/2017, Inas Chikita Murin, asked to provide lab coat to the new Laboratory Assistant Coordinator as a symbolic of the change of stewardship.

From the procession, selected Nadifa Ramadani as Coordinator of IMS Laboratory Assistant Period 2017/2018.

“Congratulations to the new assistant, hope they can carry out the task well,” said Inas.

Representative of laboratory assistant period 2016/2017, Ihram Rachmansyah, also conveyed the impression during his time as assistant in the IMS laboratory.

According to him, the IMS laboratory assistant may have the shortest period of service among other laboratories. Hope the new assistant can give their best in this short time in IMS lab.

“Hope the new assistants can work better than us. Because our success will seen from their success too,” he said.

The Head of Industrial Engineering Department, Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST MT PhD who attended this event told all stakeholders to be able to utilize the laboratory as well as possible. According to him, the success of all the laboratory would be the success of the majors as well.


“Success consists of readiness and opportunity. So we have to prepare ourselves and be smart in looking for opportunities and do not forget to pray,” he said conveyed his message to all laboratory assistants.

The Change of IMS laboratory assistant :




Assistant Coordinator


Inas Chikita Murin

Nadifa Ramadani

Divisi Knowledge Development


Siti Astrid


Aisyah Rahmayanti

Lidya Adityawati

Divisi Operational & Quality Assurance

Mega Rahmadani

Inas Salma Yusdiar

Anggini Pangestu

Divisi Research & Development

Zulfikar Akbar

Ihram Rachmansyah

Thesa Trinita

Ahmad Huzaini

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