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Based on UB’s Strategic Plan for year 2006-2011, the requirement details for UB scholarship are as follows:

1) Grantee UB (A) are classified into three categories as follows:

  1.  Scholarship for those who are financially incapableis scholarship for students who are actually having incapabilities on financial terms.
  2. Academic Achievement Scholarship is a scholarship for students who achieved high academic outcome and ranked as top 10 (ten) in the Department level at UB.
  3. Non-academic Achievement Scholarship is a scholarship for students who excel in non-academic National / International level or active student at LKM-UB (Institute Sovereignty Students – UB).

2) the Giver / sources of scholarships (B) are classified into three categories as follows:

1 Scholarship are funded by the Higher Education (DIKTI), namely:

– TPSDP (Technological and Professional Skills Development Sector Project)
– For Student Aid (BKM)
– Extracurricular Performance Improvement (PPE)
– Activists Competitive Scholarship

2 Scholarships are funded by the UB, namely:

– UB-free SPP
– BBM (Student Learning Assistance) Old Students
– PPA (Improving Academic Achievement) Old Students and New Students

3 Scholarship funds are funded by companies / banks / private / foundation, namely:

– Toyota Astra
– Cigarette Company DJARUM
– National Gas Company
– EkaTjipta Foundation

Implementation :

  • Students and / or Head of Department apply for a scholarship through PD III or Section Scholarship in Rector
  • Students meet the requirements specified
  • Students waiting for the announcement of whether the application is accepted
  • Students who meet the requirements and accepted his request to take a scholarship in the Faculty of Engineering Student Affairs section or Rectorate Scholarship section

Results :

  • Students get waivers in finance the studies
  • Students can concentrate more on his studies without thinking of the cost

Quality of service :

  •  Excellent
  • University apply Proportional SPP depending on the ability of parents / guardians of students
  • Many students who receive scholarships from various institutions both on merit and economic abilities

Further information: http://beasiswa.ub.ac.id

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