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The presence of the UB alumnus are associated in Alumni Association (IKA) UB. In the organizational structure of the IKA-UB, under the central management, there is a commissariat management and branch management. Thus, to the Faculty of Engineering level, the alumnus are associated under IKA-UB Commissariat Faculty of Engineering. While at the department level, organizationally there has been no formal forum in structure of IKA-UB yet.

Therefore, it is expected that at the Department level, we can build a forum that can establish communication network between the alumnus and campus as an organization. In this globalization era,the difficulties that come frommaintainingand strengthening ties to all network can be eliminated or even be resolved fully. The alumnus association is also expected to widen the network within all the alumnus itself.

The efforts to make alumnus database has been carried out both by the alumnus itself and the current active students, but so far, the results are still far from satisfactory. This is mainly due to the reluctance of the alumnus to give the actual information about their whereabouts. This reluctance may be due to information delivery mechanism that  is not very clear and easy to do. Therefore, the college tried to make media that hopefully can ease the alumnus to communicate and share information toward the almamater or within the association itself.

1. Grade Point Average
The number of alumnus of the Industrial Engineering Department (updated 21/11/2014) with respective GPA details can be seen in the table and chart below :

No GPA Total
1. > 3.50 112
2. 3.00 – 3.50 185
3. < 3.00 11

2. Time of Study
Time of study that accomplished by Industrial Engineering graduates can be seen in the table and chart below :

Study Time (ST) Total Graduates Percentage (%)
ST > 5 year 22 7,3
4.5 < ST < 5 year 27 8,9
4 < ST < 4.5 year 131 43,5
3.5 < ST < 4 year 102 33,8
ST < 3.5 year 19 6,3

3. Job
The Companies where alumni of the Department of Industrial Engineering works can be seen in the table and chart below :

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