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Department of Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB) held Socialization of Academic Evaluation and Discussion of Progress of Student Studies Academic Year of 2017/2018, Saturday, 21 April 2018, at 6th-floor Auditorium of TI-UB Building.

This activity involves department leaders, academic supervisors, thesis supervisors, parents/guardians, and the students themselves.

Head of TI-UB Department, Oyong Novareza, ST., MT., Ph.D. started the activity by introducing the short profile of the department followed by the evaluation of the success of the study.

“We as educational organizers want to establish communication and cooperation with parents so the students can study easier, successful, and finish faster,” Oyong said.

Based on the academic manual, evaluation of the success of undergraduate student study is done at the end of the first, second, third, and fourth year.

Evaluation is also done at the end of the undergraduate course (after reaching 144 credits) and the end of the study deadline (14 semesters).

The evaluation of the student’s success is used to determine the continuation of the study. The first year’s evaluation counts 1 year from the time the student enrolls. The requirement to be fulfilled is that students take at least 24 passed credits (SKS), without E score, with Cumulative GPA above 2.00.

While in the second, third, and fourth-year evaluations, the number of passed SKS increased from 48, 72, to 96. Without an E value and GPA above 2.00 remain valid.

Minimum requirement of students to graduate are they should passed 144 SKS, GPA above 2.00, without E, D, and D+ value in less than 10% of total SKS, and finish thesis and pass the final test.

In total, there are 65 TI-UB students from the 2011-2017 who are required to participate in this evaluation.

“TI student should remember that it is the students’ choice. To get in here they have to get rid thousands of other registrars. So they have to be whipped up to remind their academic achievement,” said Oyong encouraging the students in attendance.

Oyong also highlighted the existence of online games as one of the factors that hampered student study.

After the explanation of the success of the study by the Head of Department, the event continued with the discussion session of student study progress by the student’s parent with the academic supervisor and thesis supervisor.

In this session, the department facilitates parents and students to discuss what barriers experienced by students in their studies and any possible solutions.

The results of this discussion are contained in an evaluation sheet signed by students, parents, students and supervisors.

Gita Sofiyana, one of the student’s parents, appreciated the activities organized by the UB-IT Department. Gita who came directly from Depok also praised the rapid progress of IT-UB resources that are still relatively young.

“Maybe this kind of event should be done every year so that we as parents can monitor our children’s study progress more easily,” he added. (and/mic)

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