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Date 20 January 2015, category News

seminar2015Professor David Taniar from Monash University in Australia made a visit to the Department of Industrial Engineering FT-UB in the National Seminar on 16 January 2015 took place in the courtroom of industrial engineering department FT-UB. In the event, he gave some input on how to order our success in S3 education and obtain S3 scholarships. Early action is quite important is to find / determine the appropriate supervisor for us, can not be denied that know more about the supervisor will affect the level of education s3 we take. In studying s3, substance good project proposal is not enough if it is not followed by the appropriate supervisor. Its the same thing as applying for a job, a good GPA is not enough if the applicant’s expertise is not in accordance with the specifications searched by a company. In the opinion of Prof. David, preferably in determining the project proposal, we should be able to adjust to the expertise or interest that is searched by a supervisor. “The project proposal we made it just read, but do not know the quality of the content of the proposal, while supervisors have a project that has been successful, have a good track record” he added. While a good supervisor should also have a good concept, a great destination as well as a lot of ideas, the supervisor should have the goal to “establish” the student is expected to produce something together, not only guiding origin.

Furthermore, Prof. David Taniar deliver, another thing that is not less important in studying S3 is to choose a good university /  has a good graduation track record. Because S3 is the latest education, then we must be careful in determining the university will we choose both domestically and abroad. Then the next factor is the “language”, the discussion in the real sense and also “language” in presenting proposals we have made. Prof. David then gives a difference between the delivery way “language” when hearing in the domestic the country and abroad. If the domestic of the testers are asking about the theory (system) so that the student is successful if it can respond and deliver on existing theories. But if abroad, focused on how to “sell” what they presented so that it can attract the attention of the examiner / supervisor and was successful. The same thing applies to obtain a scholarship. Scholarship recipients are not only seen from a great GPA only, the most important is good quality. The scholarship is a competition. The point soon is, if we want something then it must know what they want, in this case the offering scholarships. So must equally lucky and convince the scholarship that we are the person they are looking for.[rnd]

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