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Research and Community Service is an activity that can not be separated one from another during learning process, as it has been written in the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. To increase the quantity and quality of research and community service in the Engineering Faculty of University of Brawijaya, Research Advisory Board (BPP) and Community Service Advisory Board (BP2M) was formed in 1985. To meet the demands of efficiency and program synchronization between research and community service, both are combined into the Reseach and Community Service Advisory Board of Faculty of Engineering of University of Brawijaya, abbreviated as BPP FT-UB since March 2008.

BPP FTUB has three main tasks: first, developing the potential of Laboratory based research at FTUB in order to obtain Intellectual Property Rights (IP) as closely as possible; second, to provide public services that suitable with technology owned by FT UB in order to get the most out of appropriate technologies that can be implemented directly in the society; and, third, to provide knowledge transfered through counseling and training to stakeholders  in order to give good impression of FT UB in the community.

Research and community service done by Society of Academicians FTUB along the way has yet to meet the expectations of stakeholders. Support from all parties are highly expected to give full faith and opportunity to work together, so that the three tasks can be well implemented.

Hopefully the trust can be implemented faithfully and constantly guided by  Allah Subhaanahu Wata’ala. Amen.


Head of BPP FT UB,

Dr. Eng. Denny Widhiyanuriyawan, ST., MT
NIP. 19750113 200012 1001

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