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Date 20 June 2017, category News


In this blessed month of Ramadhan, Industrial Engineering (TI) Department of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) held a Ramadhan Preaching and Iftar with the theme of “Internalization of Islam in Life to Reach Victory”.

The activities which routinely done to strengthen the relationship were followed by lecturer and administrative staff along with the whole family, students, and 30 orphans and dhuafa from Pondok Pesantren Dhuafa Al-Ikhlas Singosari Malang Regency, Thursday (15/Jun/2017).

Head of Industrial Engineering Department Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST., MT., Ph.D in his speech said that there is something new in this year event, the committee opened the opportunity to contribute in providing the iftar menu.

“We are opening the opportunity for all TI big family to seek more rewards from Allah SWT in this month of Ramadhan,” he explained.

Ishardita added, the committee also opens an infaq program package used to support orphans. Representing the committee, Ishardita expressed his gratitude for the contribution and support given for this activity.

FT-UB Dean, Dr Ir Pitojo Tri Juwono MT, also seen attended the event which was held at 6th floor Auditorium of Industrial Engineering Building. In his speech, the Dean invites the invitees to keep Rational, Raga (the body), Rasa (the feels), and Religious (4R).

“We always tout the academic atmosphere on campus, it’s mandatory, but the religious atmosphere is another thing that offsets the academic atmosphere,” he said.

“Hopefully with this kind of gathering we can develop a religious atmosphere in our campus,” continued the Dean.

Meanwhile, the study before the iftar is delivered by Dr Ustadz M Musa Syarif LC MA with the material “Achieving a Qualified Ramadhan”. The caretaker of PPDU Putri 2 Morotanjek, Singosari reminded the jama’ah to introspect with their worship quality in this Ramadhan.

Ustadz Musa said that the target of fasting in Ramadan is to become a devout person and meaning of taqwa lays in everyone’s heart. The characteristics of the devoted person are those who believe, perform prayers, infaq, hold anger and easily forgiving, and always repent and istighfar.

Furthermore, Ustadz Musa said that Ramadan invites us to change. So, what we should change and continue to be improved?

“The improvement of ruhiyahtsaqofiyah, physically, attitude and productive skills, and also social relations (Ittishol Ijtima’iyah),” said Ustadz who is also chairman of Ikatan Da’i Indonesia (IKADI) Malang Regency.

After the Ramadhan Preaching, the event then continued with maghrib prayers in congregation and iftar. Next the event closed with prayer isya’ and tarawih in congregation led by ustadz Abu Hilmi. (and/mic)

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