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Date 24 October 2019, category News

Following up on the program of 1000 PKM Proposals Towards PIMNAS 2020 from the Rector of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS., Department of Industrial Engineering (IT) held a Workshop on Industrial Engineering PKM Goes to PIMNAS, Thursday, October 10, 2019, at the 6th Floor Auditorium of the Industrial Engineering Building.

The workshop which was attended by lecturers and the representatives of laboratory assistant presented Dr. Ir. Anang Lastriyanto, MS from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP). Anang known as a PIMNAS judge at the national level and several times donated gold medals from the PKM Team that he has been guided.

Head of Department Ir. Oyong Novareza, ST., MT., Ph.D when opening the workshop said that he felt haven’t guided the PKM team to its full potential, although previously there were some of his fellow lecturers who had successfully passed the PKM proposal.

“But with the program 1000 PKM Proposals Towards PIMNAS 2020 from the Rector, it is hoped that we can participate and incised achievements. The results hopefully can provide better insights,” he said.

While the speaker Anang Lastriyanto in his presentation said that PKM or PIMNAS is a competition that is a national asset and is not found in other countries. Currently, both state universitiy and private university, are competing to bring in experts so they can excel in the competition.

On the other side, the student period, continued Anang, are golden periods. Great inventors in the world like the inventors of online applications, telephones, etc. found their creations in their youth. This is where the role of PKM as a young research facilitator.

“If it is not handled properly, students will not become inventors or creators, then the idea will be lost. We have to facilitate our student well,” he said.

While the aim of the workshop is that participants are expected to be able to understand and distinguish the characteristics and fields of PKM, find PKM ideas, and prepare quality PKM proposals. (and)

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