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Here is the organizational structure Department of Industrial Engineering Brawijaya University and their Main Duties and Functions

Main Duties and Functions Department Of Industrial Engineering UB  :

  1. An academic units in the Faculty of Engineering who carry out academic education undergraduate courses; in the field of industrial engineering.
  2. Working to develop engineering science with a specialty in industrial engineering.


a. Coordinate the activities of education, research and community service in the Department;

b. Run academic policies and education quality standards set by faculty;

c. Develop plan of action or work program for department;

d. Implement development for the department in education, research, and community service;

e. Develop good relations and cooperation with stakeholders;

f. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the learning process at the department level;

g. Coordinate student activities at the department level;

h. Regularly submit reports of activities to the Dean


a. Implement administrative and secretarial activities in department level;

b. Coordinate the preparation and development of educational curriculum in department level;

c. Coordinate the activities of the learning process together with the expertise from lecturer;

d. Develop a schedule of lectures at the department level

e. Coordinate the activities of the laboratory / studio in the department;

f. Coordinate the activities of the Job Training and KKN-P of Students;

g. Develop a students academic database in the department;

h. Develop a database of educational activities, research and community service in the department

a. Plan everything related to education program, research, and community service in the laboratory / Studio;

b. Develop operational plans and development of the laboratory / studio;

c. Providing services for academicians to perform the development of science, technology, and arts;

d. Setting up a schedule for the laboratory / studio;

e. Coordinate all academic activities carried out in the laboratory / studio;

f. To provide guidance to members of the laboratory / studio;

g. Establish cooperation with external parties in order to build resource sharing and empowerment for the laboratory/studio;

h. Monitor and evaluate of the availability of infrastructure and activities in the laboratory / studio;

i. Coordinate with the expertise from lecturers to develop thescientifical and learning process;

j. Reporting activity at least every semester to the Head of Department.

a. Planning for education, research and community service in the group;

b. Forming a team teaching based on the results of consensus agreement from group members;

c. Coordinate all academic activities being carried out in a group, especially on the selection of practices objects and thesis topic;

d. Preparing division of course for lecturers;

e. To coordinate the implementation of the learning process with other expertise lecturer group leader or Head Of Department;

f. To provide guidance to members of the group in developing everything scientifically;

g. Monitor and evaluate activities that have been committed by members of the group, especially on the division of tasks of teaching and guiding job training and final thesis;

h. Reporting the group’s activities at least every semester to the Head of the Department.

a. Develop the standard of quality in academic for department;

b. Implement a system audit and compliance audits regularly;

c. Submit the written audit report with its recommendations to the Head of Department;

d. Monitor, evaluate, and perform analysis of the follow-up implementation of the approved recommendations

e. Reviewing the suitability of the Learning Outcome with the vision mission and KKNI with the curriculum team.

a. Helping the Head Of Department in planning and implementing activities related to academic administration;

b. Documenting academical data for each student;

c. To coordinate with the Head of Academic Sub Division associated with administrative order during the learning process;

d. Collecting and archiving questions as well as the score of semester exams;

e. Applyingletters of decree (SK) related to all academic activities (eg letters of decree for teaching matters, etc.);

f. Prepare forms related to the activities in the learning process;

g. Runall other activities related to academic administration;

h. Report periodically to the Leaders directly.

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