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jtiBefore becoming a Department, the Industrial Engineering Study Program (hereinafter referred to PSTI) was established on June 24, 2005 on the basis of the Decree of Directorate General of Higher Education 2004 / D / T / 2005. PSTI is under the organization of the Faculty of Engineering (hereinafter referred to FT) which has been established since October 23, 1963 by the Minister of Higher Education and Science No. 167 1963.Brawijaya University (hereinafter referred to UB) as the highest institution in charge of PSTI has been initiated since 1957.PSTI become a organization that newly grow moved under the parent organization that is ready to compete in the international arena, so PSTI need to push itself to be able to accelerate the move with the parent organization. PSTI has a vision and mission that includes Tridharma college, but it requires a period of time gradually to realize the vision in line with the vision of UB.

 PSTI UB is the Industrial Engineering Study Program at the bottom of the first public universities in Malang which began operations in 2005, Industrial Engineering Study Program in Malang previously been found in several private universities, including: University Widyagama (1981), National Institute of Technology (1983 ), College of Engineering Budi Utomo (1993), University of Muhammadiyah Malang (1995), the Free University of Malang (1996), University of Wisnuwardhana (1997), College of Engineering Malang (1997), Institute of Science and Technology Palapa (2000). So great is the interest in high school graduate to Industrial Engineering, in 2007 the University of Ma Chung opened the Industrial Engineering Study Program. The implementation of PSTI obey the statute of UB also Organization and Work (OTK) of UB. Quality assurance management of PSTI including teaching and learning processes supported Academic Quality Assurance System that was driven Quality Assurance Center (PJM) at the university level, the Quality Assurance (GJM) at the faculty level and Quality Assurance Unit (UJM) at the department level. UB Central Quality Assurance was formed on February 12, 2005 in accordance Rector’s Decree No. 017 / A / SK / 2005.

 On August 15, 2013 Decision Letter No. 360 / SK / 2013, the Industrial Engineering Study Program officially changed to the Department of Industrial Engineering and remain under the auspices of the Faculty of Engineering of UB. Department of Industrial Engineering organization led by a Head of Department (hereinafter referred to Kajur) that in carrying out internal management is assisted by a Secretary of the Department (hereinafter referred to Sekjur). Kajur responsible for management the Department and has a duty to plan, organize, and supervise the management of the Department. Implementation of administrative management is supported by the Department of Industrial Engineering education personnel who are members of academic affairs or recording led by a head of academic affairs department. During the learning process, Kajur assisted by the Lecturer Expertise Group Leader (hereinafter referred to KKDK) to coordinate teaching and research in the allied concentration, and assisted by the Head of Laboratory (hereinafter referred to Kalab) to manage the laboratory and practicum. Kajur, Sekjur, KKDK, and Kalab was democratically elected in the plenary meeting of the Department based on leadership abilities and skills. And than, structural elected officials established by the Decree of the Rector.

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