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On Monday, March 12, 2018, Industrial Engineering (TI) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) received a visit from Prof. Dr. Eng Shigeyuki Haruyama from Yamaguchi University, Japan. Prof. Haruyama, as he is usually called, is an expert in operations management from the Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management, Yamaguchi University Management of Technology (YUMoT).

The arrival of Prof. Shigeyuki Haruyama welcomed by Vice Dean for Academic Affairs FTUB Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST., MT., Ph.D., Secretary of TI-UB Department Rahmi Yuniarti, ST., MT., Head of Laboratory, and all lecturers in TI-UB.

The discussion that was held in the 5th Floor Meeting Room of TI-UB Building was opened by Ishardita Ph.D with a brief introduction to the department and faculty profile. Later, lecturers also introduced themselves and their research field of interest.

Furthermore, Prof. Haruyama introduces himself and gives a brief overview of the research he is currently working on, related to product-process life cycle and QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) and explains a little understanding of Monozukuri, a Japanese term that literally means making goods or products.

He explained the importance of understanding the QCD in monozukuri. On that occasion, the lecturers cannot be separated from the impromptu quiz thrown by Prof Haruyama regarding the material presented.

In addition, Prof. Haruyama also introduced YUMoT, especially the Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management. Prof. Haruyama explained that YUMoT has cooperated with several universities in Indonesia, such as Bandung Institute of Technology and Yogyakarta State University. There are also several universities other than Indonesia that established cooperation with YUMOT and conduct joint international conferences every 2 years in different countries.

On that occasion, Ishardita Pambudi Tama conveyed the possibility of cooperation that could be established between UB and YUMoT, and it was welcomed by Prof. Haruyama as the representative. Prof. Haruyama also expressed his willingness to be one of the reviewers of Journal of Engineering and Management in Industrial System (JEMIS) and speaker at the conference which will be held by TI-UB in 2019.

The discussion ended with the handover of a memento from both parties and a commitment to continue discussions regarding the possibility of making a MoU between the two universities. “Surely this visit can be followed up to establish a good cooperation between two universities,” said Ishardita.

Discussion sessions continued with laboratory visits in the Department of Industrial Engineering, starting from simulation laboratories and industrial applications, manufacturing systems, computer labs, Statistical and Quality Engineering, design and ergonomics laboratories, and management studios.

In the Labs visits, Prof. Haruyama also held a brief QA session on laboratory activities either to the head of the laboratory or to the laboratory assistants. The visit received a very positive response from Prof. Haruyama. Prof. Haruyama also praised the cleanliness of every laboratory he visited. “Kireii danee,” he exclaimed in Japanese which means “It’s so clean”.

At the end of the visit, there are still some discussions related to the possibility of Joint research that can be done between universities. Hopefully, MoU can be soon be realized and increase networking especially for Industrial Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya. (oke/mic)

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