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Date 11 December 2017, category News

nckuti-1One of Taiwan’s top universities, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), returned to UB’s Industrial Engineering Department (TIUB) on Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

The NCKU delegation was represented by Prof. Jerry Chung-Chi Hsieh, Prof. Pete H.C. Wang, Professor. I-Lin Wang, and Prof. Wei-Tsong Wang. The four of them are from the Department of Industrial and Information Management.

Their arrival is to hold recruitment of prospective students of master and doctoral programs.

“Our university offers a highly reputable industrial campus with a good academic environment and is supported by a multicultural learning climate,” said one of NCKU representative, Prof. I-Lin Wang.

His side also mentioned, although with a guaranteed quality, tuition in NCKU still affordable. Especially for students who get scholarships such as LPDP or even NCKU own scholarships.

I-Lin Wang added prospective students must master English well. Considering they will attend an international English class with the other cross-country students.

“To just stay on our campus, I think is enough to just mastering English. But if you can learn the local language, of course, you will gain a distinct advantage. especially to socialize,” said this alumnus of ISyE Georgia Institute of Technology.

The distribution of foreign students in NCKU’s Department of Industrial and Information Management comes from Vietnam, Thailand, and the majority comes from Indonesia.

This graduate program of NCKU Taiwan seems to be of great interest to TIUB students. Recorded there are dozens of students attended interviews with four professors from this top five best universities in Taiwan.

“I am quite interested in the program offered, especially for students who have stepped on the final semester like me,” said one of the students, Inna Zulfa.

The NCKU delegation also gave a guest lecture entitled “Optimal Security Deployment over Moving Trains in Rail Transit System”.

The guest lecture held at TIUB Auditorium was attended by hundreds of students of TIUB.

Later, NCKU delegates and representatives of TIUB also held discussions related to collaborative research and other collaborations that can be done by both parties in the future.

“From this second visit we will establish all possible cooperation that can be done in the future,” said Head of the TIUB Department, Ishardita Pambudi Tama, Ph.D. (and/mic)

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