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Date 8 November 2019, category News

Reducing the percentage of crop failure due to agricultural pests can be done with the help of automation technology. This innovative business planning idea was outlined in IMPEST-O (Implementasi Alat Pembasmi Hama Pertanian Berbasis Android Guna Meningkatkan Produktivitas Hasil Tani).
“The IMPEST-O based on arduino and programming system. Where, the two things are integrated with the concept of Industry 4.0 utilizing cloud data storage, “said Yayan Adi Prastyo, IMPEST-O team leader.
Besides Yayan, the IMPEST-O team consisted of Qurrota A’yunin and Mahendra Habriantama. The three are laboratory assistants in Statistics and Quality Engineering (SRK) Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (TI FT-UB).
Yayan continued, with this application, it allows farmers to control the device remotely and get the latest information on the development of agriculture in Indonesia. This application is called IMPEST-O Apps.
“We believe that this business is able to develop Indonesian agriculture through the effectiveness and efficiency of eradicating pests, as well as reducing unemployment and supporting Industry 4.0 in Indonesia,” explained the 2016 class year student.
The advantage of this application is in the data it has. Starting from the background, product excellence based on competing benchmarking, production processes that are appropriate to the type of product, supporting sustainable production, and safety of workers prioritize.
Due to this business idea, the IMPEST-O Team won third place in the 2019 Siliwangi National Entrepreneurship Competition and Business Plan Competition (SINESTION).
Finalists of the competition with the theme “Entrepreneurship to Create Positive Social Impact” are 15 teams from 8 universities throughout Indonesia.
Namely Universitas SIliwangi (3 teams), Universitas Negeri Jakarta (2 teams), Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (2 teams), Universitas Lambung Mangkurat (1 team), Institut Pertanian Bogor (2 teams), Universitas Negeri Jogjakarta (1 team), Universitas Telkom (1 team), and UB (3 teams).
The team that succeeded in ranking first was the team from the Institut Pertanian Bogor followed by the second rank was the team from Universitas Lambung Mangkurat. (and)

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