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The peak of the series of the 8th Congress of BKSTI-SNTI & SATELIT was held on Thursday night, October 5, 2017. This year’s VIII BKSTI Congress was held in conjunction with the National Seminar on Industrial Engineering (SNTI) and Seminar on Integrated Scientific Industrial Engineering (SATELIT) for 3 days, 4-6 October, 2017, and bring the theme of Industrial Engineering Participation in Industrial Collaboration to Facing Industry 4.0 Era.

Attended by representatives of higher education institutions of Industrial Engineering in Indonesia, this National Seminar was attended by a total of 325 Industrial Engineering practitioners consisting of 193 speakers and 132 participants.

“I express my highest appreciation to the speakers who have participated in advancing the scientific of industrial engineering, this brainstorming contribution will be very important for the Industrial Engineering community to face all changes and the presence of Indusri 4.0,” said BKSTI Chairman period 2014 -2017, Ir. Tjokorde Made Agung Ari Samadhi MSIR, Ph.D.

On that occasion also announced the winner of BKSTI awards for Best Paper, Student Association, and Industrial Engineering Figures. As Chairman of the Review Team, Oyong Novareza ST MT PhD, announces that out of 289 incoming papers, only 215 have entered the proceedings and are eligible to be published online at the BKSTI website.

The BKSTI award for Best Student Association was delivered by Nasir Widha Setyanto, ST MT., as the chairman of the committee of the VIII Congress of BKSTI-SNTI & SATELIT. Three consecutive universities awarded by BKSTI are the Industrial Engineering Students Association of University of Indonesia, Gajah Mada University, and Diponegoro University.

The BKSTI award for Industrial Engineering Figures given to the Late Prof. Ir. Harsono Taroepratjeka, MSIE, PhD. “Together with Prof. Anang Zaini Gani and Ir Kosasih Soekma, Prof. Harsono took part in initiating the establishment of Industrial Engineering in Indonesia which now has more than 100 similar study programs in various universities in the country,” said Ir Ari Samadi teary when giving awards to the late Prof. Harsono who was represented by his wife.

Every three-year BKSTI congress will be determined the new Chairman of BKSTI and the next host of BKSTI-SNTI. Congress VIII BKSTI was attended by 116 representatives of Industrial Engineering Education Organizer. Written directly by the Chairman of BKSTI Congress 2017, Prof. Dr. Ir. Budisantoso Wirjodirdjo M.Eng, the results of this eighth congress are received the Board Accountability Report for the period 2014-2017 and the three result of the Commission BKSTI (Commission A – Education, Commission B – Research and Community Service, Commission C – AD/ART).

Watched directly by 8 BKSTI supervisors and 7 Regional Coordinator representatives chaired by Prof.Dr.Ir. Abdul Hakim Halim M.Sc., elected as Chairman of BKSTI period 2017-2020 is Dr. Wahyudi Sutomo ST MT PhD from Sebelas Maret University. At the same time at the 2nd floor Ballroom of Amarta Hills Hotel & Resort, The 2020 Congressional Sites were chosen by voting. Headed directly by the Secretary of Congress BKSTI 2017, Dr Tri Muhammad Firdaus ST MT, was chosen as the location of BKSTI Congress 202o is Makassar.

“We need this organization to improve our condition together, let us raise the demand and the quality of industrial Engineering in Indonesia. And we also thank to this congressional committee because it succeeded to make us all feel the dynamics of Industrial Engineering in the country with the arrival of more  than 110 industrial engineering educational institutions in this grand event,” said the elected Chairman of BKSTI, Dr. Wahyudi Sutomo. (mic)

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