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Date 10 October 2017, category News


The development of the world of engineering demands engineering graduates in Indonesia to become a strong resource of professionalism, that is able to face the challenges of the increasing development and improving the safety and welfare of the community. Therefore, in conjunction with the three-annual event, 8th Congress of BKSTI – SNTI & SATELIT, Department of Industrial Engineering facilitated engineering graduates in Indonesia to be able to follow the certification of Industrial Engineering Vocational Agency (BKTI) Association of Indonesian Engineer (PII), Wednesday (4/Oct/2017).

The purpose of this program is to establish engineering resources with expertise, skill and professionalism equivalent to international level so they will better prepared to face global competition. The PII that is compiling engineers, including engineering graduates and science graduates in engineering across Indonesia, is expected to be a legitimate place of profession, legal liability, and also a clear & definitive protection.

Participants of the certification were gathered at Panderman 2 Room, Amarta Hills Hotel, Batu Malang to conduct interviews in shift with the Examiner Broad that is consisting of Ir. Indracahya Kusumasubrata IPU (Chairman of BKTI-PII), Ir. Catur Hernanto MM IPM (Secretary), Ir. Sritomo Wignyosoebroto MSc, and Ir. Prihadi Waluyo MM IPM.

In the interview process that was conducted from 1:00 to 6:00 PM, dozens of participants presented all their high education tridarma activities in the field of engineering according to their respective knowledge field. In addition, the participants also included their curriculum vitae and Professional Engineering Application Form (FAIP).

“Scoring this certification is based on the content of the FAIP and interviews, especially for IPM or IPU candidates, just tell all your great Tridharma activities in the field of engineering that stand out and give a big impact,” said Ir Prihadi Waluyo as the Examiners Broad Chairman before starting the interview.

The Certificate of Professional Engineer is given in three types, which also shows the level of competence it has. The earliest is Insinyur Professional Pratama (IPP), ie engineers who have worked for more than three years since achieving their bachelor degree and are able to prove their professional competence.

The second is the Insinyur Professional Madya (IPM), that is the holder of the IPP certificate that has been working and proves their competence for at least five years after obtaining the IPP Certificate. The last one is the Insinyur Professional Utama (IPU), which is the holder of the IPM certificate that has worked and proven its competence for at least eight years after obtaining the IPM Certificate, and has a professional reputation nationally.

The IPP/IPM/IPU certification holders will be acknowledged by the International Professional Engineers from ASEAN Engineers and Asia Pacific Engineers (MRA – Mutual Recognition Agreement) after completion of Professional Engineers Certification that is required for Surat Tanda Registrasi Insinyur (STRI), as instructed by the Engineer Act 2014. (mic)

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