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Date 8 May 2018, category News

ab25faf9-ba17-4e94-a00c-fa3adea7e140Industrial Computer Laboratory Universitas Brawijaya (ICL UB) received the visit from 11 laboratory assistants and 1 laboratory technician of Mechanical Engineering Computer Laboratory Universitas Brawijaya (MECL UB) on Friday, May 4, 2018.

This visit was received by 11 laboratory assistants and 1 laboratory technician of ICL UB. Head of Public Relation ICL Laboratory Assistant, Rifdah Zahabiyah, started the visit with a presentation of laboratory profile and its activities.

Rifdah state that ICL UB laboratory held 2 practicums that are computer programming and system design analysis (APS).

“Computer programming practicum opened in the odd semester for new students or students who want to repeat the course. While APS practicum opened in the even semester for students in the 4th semester above,” she said.

In addition to practicum, ICL UB also conducts research & social community service activities and internal and external training.

WhatsApp-Image-2018-05-07-at-14.26.02“We provide training on Microsoft Excel and Word in Tawangargo Village. Then external training such as training Lingo and Python software,” she added.

ICL UB laboratory assistant also gives examples of computer programming practicum results using Visual Basic software such as spare part sales information system at the workshop.

Not much different from ICL UB Laboratory, MECL UB Laboratory also facilitates practicum and software training. Practicum which is held by MECL UB Laboratory is Visual Basic and Arduino software.

MECL UB Laboratory Assistant also facilitates the training of AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, and MATLAB.

MECL UB Laboratory Assistant also exhibits student practicum results such as mechanical formula calculation using Visual Basic software and Arduino software implementation for the anti-fire control system.


“We expect the two laboratories can complete each other weakness. The small things can improve the quality of the laboratory,” said coordinator of MECL UB laboratory assistant, Topan Dwi Putro.

Discussions conducted by both laboratory technician and assistants were friendly and interesting. They discussed a lot about the management of laboratory funds, constraints during the practicum, assistant recruitment, and so forth.

At the end of the visit, all laboratory assistants take a group photo and performed a souvenir exchange represented by the coordinator of ICL UB laboratory assistant Nadiah Gina Sabrina and the coordinator of MECL UB laboratory assistant Topan Dwi Putro. (and)

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