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Date 7 May 2018, category News


Industrial Computer Laboratory of Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (ICL TI-UB) held Lingo Software training on Sunday, April 29, 2018. The software used to solve the problems of research operation training was attended by about 30 TI-UB students of 2015, 2016, and 2017 class.

Present as a speaker on the training held at the Computer Laboratory lecturer of TI-UB Angga Akbar Fanani, ST., MT.

The material presented in this training is the introduction of LINGO software, build LINGO model, LINGO rule, complete LINGO model, variable types in LINGO, use Set in LINGO, along with practice about case study.

“Why LINGO software? Because at this time the topic of optimization is growing and desirable in research, ” said laboratory computer assistant co-ordinator, Nadiah Gina Sabrina.

“So we need to introduce LINGO as one of the software that can be used to solve the problem of optimization,” the student of 2015 class continued.TI-1

Nadiah said the training is part of a computer laboratory working program. To held an external training aimed at TI-UB students and the general public.

And this Lingo software training is the first external training held by computer laboratory in this year’s period.

“We want participants to understand the material submitted and have a desire to explore the field of deeper optimization. Then the participants can apply the material submitted during classroom study, research, competitions, and other academic activities, “said Nadiah.

The student from Jakarta also hopes that the participants will be satisfied with the services and facilities provided by the computer laboratory. So they are more enthusiastic to attend training and other activities that will be held by computer laboratory. (and)

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