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Date 13 December 2017, category News

d61c959c-8ff4-4f02-b1ab-539b9381abd4Industrial Engineering Student (Faculty of Engineering) Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) held iDEX, Industrial Design Exhibition on Friday (8/Des). In this activity, the students showed each other the product development which is a collaboration between the Work Design & Ergonomy Laboratory and Quality Engineering Statistics Laboratory which is packaged in the form of Integrated Practicum 2.

iDEX activities are open to all Industrial Engineering students and all students of Universitas Brawijaya in general. Visitors must show student ID to attend the event. The purpose of this event is to accommodate students in developing their products in the form of posters or prototype so that the product made can be seen by all students in Universitas Brawijaya.

d3794847-6f83-42b9-9bb7-83a9bf7de628“The main purpose of iDEX is to accommodate students’ creations so that their work can produce something so that it can be useful not only for final students but also provides an overview for first or second-year students so they can follow the practicum smoothly. Second is we want to dig student creativity as deep as possible. Who knows with this simple poster or prototype there will be a good idea so it can be followed up and can be developed,” said the event coordinator and head of the ergonomics laboratory, Sugiono, ST., MT., Ph.D.

This activity is carried out after each implementation of the Integrated Practicum 2. Sugiono also hopes that this activity can be expanded more broadly, not only internally but also invite students from the other faculties.

“Ideally this practicum should be followed up with cooperation with industry and SMEs. The concept of the innovations exhibited in this activity is a partnership, that in the future the innovation can be used by SMEs and industry. To cooperate with big businesses we will certainly be looking for sponsors and funding,” said Sugiono. (Herlambang/Dhirar/Miko)


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