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Date 21 May 2018, category News

IDEX_180518_0036As a closing event of Integrated Practicum II, iDEX was finally held. Integrated Practicum II is a collaboration between Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory and Work Design and Ergonomic Laboratory. iDEX was held on Monday, May 14th 2018.

The theme of the event was Manual Tools for Small and Media Enterprise. There was a difference in this iDEX, the product that made by students was shown by many medias. They could show it with prototype or poster. The poster or prototype was appraised by the Lecturer of Industrial Engineering University of Brawijaya.

iDEX was opened by Head of Industrial Engineering Department, Mr. Oyong Novareza, ST., MT., Ph.D. and attended by Miss Diana from UMKM Violink. Miss Diana gave her impressions about Integrated Practicum II.

IDEX_180518_0062-300x199“I am so glad to have a collaboration with Industrial Engineering Students to develop manual tools for our business. We felt that the manual tools is so helpful in our business, “ said Miss Diana.

iDEX opened to all University of Brawijaya student. They just show their student card to get passed to the event. There were 24 groups that participated iDEX, and there were the best 3 groups based on the Lecturer assessment. The 1st winner of iDEX is Meja Sablon Adya that the improved of stencil table. Integrated Practicum II was collaborated with SME to develop their manual tools.

Overall, the event was so well, the participants felt so excited about the event, the visitors was interesting about the products that made by students. “The event is so interesting, and can trigger us to give an innovation for SME,” said Vivi Adelina, as one of the participant in iDEX 2018.(AP)

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