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Date 17 July 2014, category News

UPLOADFriday, 11 July 2014, the Student Association of Industrial Engineering Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University held an event titled “Care HMTI on Ramadan”. This event is a concern of Industrial Engineering UB to the public in the month of Ramadan. This event is packed in the form of social service and open with the children orphaned Mawaddah Warohmah located at Jalan Warinoi III No. 1B, Ngujil, Bunulrejo, Malang.

The activity was attended by about 30 students of Industrial Engineering of the various forces is collecting support from faculty, students, and all other elements TIUB to be distributed to the orphanage. The number of children cared for at this place the majority child reaches 40 aged 12 years and below.

The event was opened by the Della Hassiba and Hadinda┬áPutri as MC and followed by a speech by the Chairman HMTI namely Fabrito Budi and Mrs. Farida as Mawaddah Warohmah orphanage caretaker. “This event is an obligation of the students to serve the community. With this event is expected to help meet the needs of the orphanage and build a relationship between TIUB the orphanage. “Said Fabrito.

The event was followed by the delivery of a parcel of HMTI to the orphanage. The delivery of aid in the form of stationery, tools of prayer, and the food is done symbolically by the Chairman HMTI. The event was also enlivened by activities watch videos, games perfect dream tree, and ends with the breaking joint.

“We are very pleased with the presence of Industrial Engineering students, hopefully this kind of event can continue to be implemented so that it can create a happy smile on the children at the orphanage” said the orphanage Mawaddah Warohma when saying goodbye to students of Industrial Engineering. (mic)

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