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Date 24 May 2017, category News


UntitledFaculty of Manufacturing Engineering Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (FKP UTeM), Malaysia, was initiating cooperation with UB’s Industrial Engineering Department (TI UB). This was marked by a visit from Deputy Dean Academic FKP UTeM. Muhammad Arfauz bin A. Rahman to TI UB on Tuesday (16/May/2017) ago.

Dr. Muhammad Arfauz brought with him the Head of Department of Engineering Materials Dr. Jeefferie bin Abd. Razak and the Head of Department Manufacturing Management Effendi bin Mohamad in his visit.

This practical science-oriented university was directly welcomed by TI UB Head of Department Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST., MT., Ph.D together with Secretary of the Department Arif Rahman, ST, MT, Head of Laboratory, and lecturer representatives at TI UB college building.

Dr. Arfauz represents FKP UTeM group explaining that this visit is one of the effort to find any possible cooperation between FKP UTeM with TI UB related to student exchange, lecturer, and double degree program.

“We are trying to explore cooperation with a similar department to improve the academic quality,” said Dr. Arfauz.

Head of Department of TI UB welcomed the initiative of FKP UTeM. In line with Dr. Arfauz, Ishardita hopes that if there is a cooperation between these two institutions, it can improve the quality of education and may add university partnership majoring in Industrial Engineering from abroad.

“This is in line with the internationalization vision. Hopefully, the purpose of this visit can be followed up as soon as possible,” said Ishardita.

Discussions between two institutions were held in the 5th-floor conference room of the TIUB lecture building. In addition to introducing their respective profiles, the two institutions share the focus and direction of the research. (and/mic)


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