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Date 27 September 2017, category News

127f5baf-eea5-4639-89b1-5240808bde23Industrial Engineering (TI) Student of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) who are joined in B-PLASCOW Team (Biodegradable Plastic from Cow Rumen) successfully brought home the Gold Medal in The 4th International Young Inventors Award (IYIA) competition held at Mercu Buana University Jakarta, 22-24 September 2017.

The IYIA competition is organized by the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) in collaboration with Mercu Buana University to commemorate the 22nd National Technology Awakening Day. No less than 15 participating countries and 200 works featured in this competition.

The B-PLASCOW team consists of Diezka Ahmad Al Hafidh, Kevin Aditya Pratama, Syaila Salsabila Faradis, and Naila El’Arisie. In this competition Team B-PLASCOW brings environmental friendly (bioplastic) plastic work made from cow rumen.

Cow rumen is chosen as bioplastic material because it easily decomposed organic materials. This is due to its high content of cellulose and fiber. In addition, cattle rumen from the slaughterhouse (RPH) use is still not optimal. Generally it just dumped into the nearest river and caused contamination.

“Bioplastic from rumen cattle can decompose in open space, both in soil and water,” said team representatives, Diezka Ahmad Al Hafidh.

Another plus, rumen cattle waste not only can decompose easily on the ground, but also can fertilize the soil. The applicable application of B-PLASCOW bioplastics is for example as plant polybags.

“Later bioplastic can decompose and melt to be fertilizer for plants that use the polybag,” said the Surabaya origin student.

With the B-PLASCOW it is expected to solve the problem of livestock waste and reduce contamination due to synthetic plastic that is difficult to degrade. (and)

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