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Date 17 May 2018, category News

hmtiBrawijaya Industrial Engineering Student Association (HMTI UB) held Industrial Engineering Student Congress (KMTI) to determine the HMTI chairs for 2018-2019 period. The KMTI will be held on April 30 and May 2-3, 2018 at the TI Building Auditorium.

Based on the statement by Chairman of the KMTI Committee, Donnie Aryandy Gurusinga, the agenda of the congress on the first day is an campaign by speeches and discussion. Then on the second day will be continued with the election of Chairs of the Student Association through Election of Student Representative (PEMILWA).

“The nominees will through several stages. The first is the writing stage by posting posters around the campus, then the candidates will meet the leaders of TI Department who had already been done yesterday (Friday, 27 April 2018),” said Donnie.

“Then will be followed by an oral campaign and elections,” this student class of 2016 continued.

At the oral campaign, HMTI will invite lecturers, chairman of student association in UB Faculty of Engineering, Industrial Engineering Student Association (IMTI) around Malang, SOLID student press council, and active student in TI department. While the PEMILWA will be followed by the entire Family of Industrial Engineering Students (KBMTI).WhatsApp-Image-2018-04-30-at-23.39.44

There are 3 candidates in 2018 Pemilwa this time. Candidate number 1 is Pangky Felix Valentino, candidate number 2 Dicky Anugerah, and candidate number 3 Hafidz Satyo Utomo.

“So these candidates sign themselves up. The committee only facilitates the pemilwa itself. While the selection is entirely done by KBMTI as the one who will be led by the elected coordinator of HMTI,” said Donnie explained the selection process of candidates.

Representing the committee, HMTI, and KBMTI, Donnie hopes that the candidates who are elected to be trustworthy and able to manage HMTI well.

“We hope that person can assist  the human resources developing in TI so as to boast the name of TI itself,” he hoped. (and)

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