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Final Examination Odd Semester 2018/2019 properties (Open/Closed Book Examination) can be seen here  113 total views, 9 views today

113 total views, 9 views today

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Final Examination Schedule for Odd Semester Academic Year  of 2018/2019 (REVISION) can be seen here  144 total views, 2 views today

144 total views, 2 views today

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Students are advised to immediately check the Final Examination (UAS) Schedule Odd Semester 2018/2019. If there is a conflicting schedule or there are 3 x (3 times) exams in 1 (one) day, please immediately confirm by WhatsApp (WA) to: Mr. Wisnu Wijayanto Putro, ST., M.Eng. (+62 856-5540-1017) Mrs. Sri Widiyawati, ST., MT. (+62 821-3261-5855) The deadline for […]

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18 total views, no views today

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Registration Link : For General Student : bit.ly/SKKMIGASext For UB Student : bit.ly/SKKMIGASint 46 total views, no views today

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For all Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya Academic Year 2018/2019 student (Freshmen), is required to meet your academic advisor next week. Please make an appointment during office hours with your Academic Advisor. Thank you 97 total views, no views today

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NOTE : Open to students who have already passed a comprehensive exam The maximum number of participants is 50 person only FOR FURTHER INFROMATION : Mrs. Wifqi Azlia, S.T., M.T (0812-3111-6359) 63 total views, no views today

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ISMEC 2018

  Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya is proud to present an industrial engineering scientific competition with the theme “Developing a Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Edu-Tourism Business Process in the Industry 4.0 Era”. ISMEC 2018 participants are teams with 3 undergraduate students, where at least 1 member is an Industrial Engineering student or equivalent (Engineering Management, Industrial […]

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In relation to the end of Even Semester 2017/2018, we herewith inform that the deadline for the implementation of the judgmen in conjunction with the deadline for the evaluation of the student study on July 27, 2018, therefore Form S01-B (undergraduate) and S02 (postgraduate) before the date has to be completed. Thank you for your […]

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Announced to students of Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya, submission of course (MK) which will be opened in Short Semester 2018 can be implemented by collecting the name of MK in recording. The MK which is not opened in Short Semester 2018 is as follows: 1. MKU Course 2. Course with 4 SKS Load TID4001 Math […]

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