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Date 22 August 2017, category News


Lecturer of Department of Industrial Engineering (TI) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) provides training to the perpetrators of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Malang. The event which took place on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at Industrial Computer Laboratory TI FT-UB was attended by 24 participants from UMKM Community of Malang City.

The Coordinator of this activity, Nasir Widha Setyanto ST MT said that this training is part of the realization of the research and community service activities from university.

The theme that is carried is Science for Society (IbM) UMKM Malang Community with Small and Medium Business Management Approach. “From the questionnaires we previously shared, almost all trainees have no experience with e-commerce. Plunge in the online world is very different. So the purpose of this activity is to share knowledge and experience,” said Nasir.

Beside Nasir, lecturers involved in this activity are Endra Yuafanedi Arifianto ST MT, Ratih Ardia Sari ST MT, Sri Widiyawati ST MT, and Suluh Elman Swara ST MT. In its implementation, the team also assisted by the Devotion team students assistant and all assistant of Industrial Computer Laboratory.

The material sessions provided are the theories and practices which include Packaging Design by Sri Widyawati, Financial Management by Ratih Ardia Sari, e-commerce (web blog + FB Ads) by Endra Yuafanedi Arifianto, and Management of UMKM.

Most trainees have cultivated cross-line business. Starting from entrepreneurs in culinary, snacks, souvenirs, convection, and so forth. One of the trainees, Yuyun, said that this workshop is very helpful for the perpetrators of UMKM to be more advanced with the knowledge provided by lecturers from TI FT-UB.

“We enthusiastically attend each session. Question after question are thrown, it shows the important of this workshop,” said the Segobong business owner.

Representing the community of UMKM Malang, Yuyun thanked for the opportunity and facilities that have been given. He hopes that in the future this activity can be continued and there will be assistance.

Her hopes are in line with the goals of the TI Community Service Team. In the future, trainees are also given facilities for free packaging design consultations, logos, etc. IbM activities will run from August to September 2017. (and/mic)

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