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Procedure for  PKL/KKN-P and Scientific Writing Students (Thesis/Journal) during the covid-19 pandemic :

Flow diagram of all procedures that related to the students can be downloaded at the following link  :

No. Document Name
1 Educational Guidelines Academic Year 2019/2020
Educational Guidelines Academic Year 2020/2021
2 Subjects Workflow
3 Practicum Workflow
4 Task Workflow
5 KKN-P Submission Workflow
6 Thesis Workflow
7 Proposal Topic Workflow
8 Thesis Proposal Seminar Workflow
9 Thesis Result Seminar Workflow
10 Thesis Examination Workflow
11 Judicium Submission Workflow

Here is a New manual Scientific Writing Students of Industrial Engineering (KKNP, Thesis and JOURNAL):

No. Document Name
1 Manual guidance of Final paper for Undergraduate, Magister, and Doctoral Program of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (Provided in Indonesian only)
2 CHAPTER I Introduction
3 CHAPTER II Procedure (1)
4 CHAPTER II Procedure (2)
5 CHAPTER III Systematics
6 CHAPTER IV Writing
7 Templates Journal
8 Appendix 1
9 Appendix 2
10 Appendix 3

Observer Sheet:

No. Document Name
1 Observers Proposal Seminar
2 Observers Seminar Result
3 Thesis Monitoring Sheet
4 Semhas Activity Card
5 List of Present
6 Willingness Form
7 Proposed Research Topic
8 Recapitulation Draft
9 Transitional Rules

Form S01 dan S02 :

No. Nama Dokumen Link Dokumen
1 Requirements of Bachelor Degree Examination (Form S01) download
2 Personal Data of Student download
3 Checklist download
4 Form S01-C download
5 Requirements Following the Graduation Ceremony (Form S02) download

Internship Submission Form (online) :

No. Nama Dokumen Link Dokumen
1 Requirements of Following Lecturer Research download
2 Requirements of Domicile download
3 Requirements Data Collect download
4 Internship Sheet download
5 TI01 dan TI02 download

Internship Report (online) :

No. Nama Dokumen Link Dokumen
1 Systematics Internship in Company download
2 Systematics Internship in Lecturer Research (Pengabdian Dosen) download
3 Systematics Internship in Lecturer Research (Pengelitian Dosen) download
4 Systematics Internship in Literatur download
5 Systematics Internship with Certified Course download


*) All download file are provided in Indonesia only.

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