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IDEA (Industrial Engineering On Action) 2015 is a contest held by HMTI Andalas University, Padang. IDEA 2015 is a series of Indfest (Industrial Festival) with the theme “Enhancing National Logistics Performance by Exploring the Maritime Power”. Department of Industrial Engineering FT-UB managed to get two teams through delivery stage essay. These are two teams that […]

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O N L I N E - S E R V I C E S

Class Schedule Information

Give the students about the course schedule information by date, time, class room, lecturer, ect

Online Mailings System of JTI

Facilitate industrial engineering students to get online mailings in terms data retrieval of specific subjects

UB Academic Information System

Include all academic information systems in ub, consist of siam, simple, siuda, and siregi

Short Semester Registration

Short semester registration system by online at the end of the semester for students